Smart™ Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes
Use & Care Instructions (watch our video)


1. Place the stainless steel ice cubes in your freezer for at least four hours to chill. You may also store them in your freezer so they are always ready for an evening’s nightcap.
2. Gently place the pre-chilled stainless steel ice cubes in your glass.
3. Add a serving of your favorite liquor.
4. Allow the stainless steel ice cubes to cool the liquor by slowly swirling the liquid around them in your glass.
5. By using our stainless steel ice cubes you are keeping intact the unique aroma and taste of your favorite maker’s ingredients and age-old process. Enjoying your favorite beverage undiluted, and at the perfect temperature, enhances the subtle undertones.
6. Cheers!


• After use, rinse the re-usable stainless steel ice cubes with clean water and store either in the freezer, or in your liquor cBar Accessories Metallic Reusable Ice Cubes, Not Whiskey Rocksabinet.
• You may also use soap to clean the stainless steel ice cubes, however, rinse thoroughly as residue may remain and taint the flavor of your liquor.
***The liquid sealed inside the stainless steel ice cubes is non-toxic (read FAQ).


• Keep away from children.
• Do not break, crack, chew or swallow the stainless steel ice cubes.
• Do not drop the stainless steel ice cubes into your glass, as the
glass may crack or shatter.